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I work with Trados 2019


Triple treatment translations is a one-man office. The man is me. The on-march of the internet has helped translators in the actual work by providing parallel text samples, the possibility to use online dictionaries and in invoicing procedure. However, the translation has to be done by the translator and thanks to electronic communication, I have more time to concentrate on the actual work, which involes checking and re-checking of the translated text.
I hope I can be of help to all those, who need translation & translator and have thought of me. The following pages tell, which languages I translate to, what else services I can offer and with which tools.
If you think, I am the man for the job, contact me
I would like to introduce my daugther Katja, who has graduated as a Master of Arts from the University of Helsinki. Check here how and in which languages she can help you.
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